Sunday, September 15, 2013

6 months down!!!!

6 months down...only 18 more months to go!!!! Elder Robinson is doing great!! He just got transferred from Tigard, OR to Sandy, OR. He called it the Mt. Hood YSA (young single adult) Sandy area. This is a new area that him and his new companion will be opening. He said it was a huge area with tons of farms so it felt just like home! The population of Sandy is approx. 9,000. The area they will be covering is so large and even goes outside of his mission boundries. Elder Robinson is so excited cause now he gets to drive a car! It used to be an area where the sister missionaries would do their splits, but now they get full time missionaries, Elder Robinson and Elder Allen. Elder Allen graduated high school in May, is from Pleasant Grove, UT, and just got to Oregon. Elder Robinson is loving the work and is doing fantastic!! Don't forget to write him!! His address is still the same... just scroll down and its one of the posts! :)

Here are some pictures of his new area! 

Mount Hood is a big ski resort in Oregon
Elder Robinson's new area

downtown Sandy, Oregon

Friday, August 9, 2013

Brother Rey Salas...TITO

Last week Ryan asked me to log into his facebook and add Rey Salas as a friend. So I did and I am so happy that I did! Brother Rey Salas is from the Philippines and is living in Tigard, Oregon where Ryan is. He has posted so many pictures and has so many great things to say about Elder Robinson and the missionaries, so I thought I would share! (all of the captions are from Brother Salas)

I spent time with my Filipino friend helping him with his laptop. It's been a long time that I haven't used my skills in playing some computers. We had lunch in a Filipino Restaurant and got some free Pancit. It was awesome using my FILIPINO with people who do understand the language. After spending time with my friend, I worked with the missionaries. We visited some families in the ward and shared some spiritual thoughts. This bike has been adding fun to our work every time I bring this. I hope I can tell you why! lol... had fun with this bike and truly fun working with the missionaries and touching some lives in spiritual way!

This is a comment he left under this picture:
This is Elder Robinson of Parowan, Southern Utah! This missionary has touched my life in so many ways when I was full of anger and hatred few months ago. He doesn't know that he touched my life in so many ways and flattered me when he calls me "TITO."

Had a great time in Portland earlier. I bought a box of Voodoo Doughnuts after work. Had shared these Voodoo Doughnuts with the missionaries! Magic is in the hole!

Checked in for lunch @John's (Pizza Buffet in Bevearton) after doing some service... 3rd August 2013!

I joined my missionary friends on their P-Day. My favorite part was, we went to a member's house whose basement is just like an Amusement Arcade with lots of games, treats, and church movies. I love the place so much...the most beautiful I've been in Oregon next to the Temple. I'm glad I hanged out with the missionaries. Had fun with great people in a beautiful place. Thanks to that family who let us in to their beautiful home. 

@Cook Park for Stake Barbecue! It was fun talking to some people I met last month in an activity, watching the members having fun, and just chilling with great burgers under the sun with the missionaries in my ward and new pinoy friend! 

It's their P-Day and my off from work... Great Monday with great people!

@John (Pizza Buffet in Bevearton) for lunch after watering the plants and gardening... 3rd August 2013.

The American Missionary, the French International Student, and the Filipino Immigrant. Guillaume paid me a visit tonight to say his goodbyes and missionaries came by to read 3Nephi 11 with him. We'll miss you Guillaume! Find the missionaries in France!

Taken an hour ago in my apartment. With Elder Robinson. A great missionary! Glad the missionaries like the Filipino Foods I always prepare for them. 

5th Fast Sunday in Tigard

Aug. 5, 2013
Time is going by way to fast! Yesterday was my 5th fast Sunday in Tigard! it blew my mind! Its really going great here tho we had an investigator come to church yesterday and he bore his testimony and said he cant wait to join the church! Elder Carlson and I just kept sayin what the heck? in a good way tho it was really awesome i hope it works out! Sounds like you guys are having fun tho! glad to hear Eric and Bubba get to do the fun job of carpet installation now! im sure they love it so much! or something like that anyway! haha sorry this is so short this week were trying to hurry so we can go play football in Hillsboro today! ha I need a football fix somewhere! Hope you guys have a great week! Read your scriptures!!!! :) i love and miss you guys! ps i got a broncos sticker the other day im going to send to Eric! haha O and i got a duck dynasty hat i bought last week too! :)
love, Elder Robinson!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost 5 months!!!!

Hey! the weeks are going by ridiculously fast i cant believe its almost August again! I was talking with Elder Carlson the other day and he was like Elder when your done training me youll be 1/4 of the way done! it really kinda blew my mind! I realize i still have a long time to go but i dont want it to go by this fast! Before I always used to wonder if what i was doing was the thing that i needed to be doing in my life, and i dont think ive ever thought that here its really crazy but i dont think i have ever felt this much joy and sorrow in the same day as i have felt here everyday its really an amazing thing :) It looks like you guys had fun tending tho! did they come to Cedar or did you stay down in St. G? i think when i get back im just going to go down to grandmas for a week ha i have some sweet tan lines from the collar of my shirt i need to get rid of! If you guys do have kids tho while im gone Ryan better be somewhere in the naming of him! ha if its a girl im gonna have to ask ya to not to include that haha jk sorta thats what AJ Gage told me to tell you guys when we were talking about my family last week so i thought it was funny. Ill be sure to keep sending you pics i dont know if i have any good ones this week but ya never know the political ones are still my favorite :) Thanks for telling girls to write me its fun to rub it in Elder Carlson's face ;) haha O and I got a little Broncos sticker at the dollar tree last week ill send to you guys for Eric! Cant say i never did nothin for you guys ;) Im not sure how you can get people to go to the temple trips for the ward, we just usually go knock on peoples doors when they dont come to stuff they are supposed to its actually really fun to be in those awkward situations:) Sis. Gage did speak a few weeks ago on going to the temple tho it was a great talk ill try to get a copy and send it to ya too! love and miss you guys! keep up the good work :)
Elder Robinson

From L to R: Josh Curtis, Elder Robinson, Elder Carlson
Josh is one of Ryan's friends from Parowan that served in the Portland, OR mission. Josh and his family just went to Portland to visit his mission and got to meet up with Elder Robinson and Elder Carlson for lunch!

7-11 day in our district we got 7-11 glasses shirts and trucker shirts :)

It's that simple!

This is a little part of an email he sent that I loved! Elder Robinson is doing GREAT!!!

so far i think that asking people to be baptized is the funnest thing ive ever done! its always fun to see how they react and what ways we can resolve their concerns i think im enjoying this way to much sometimes because Its so fun to be able to talk to people and notice the change that applying something in the gospel can do for them in their lives! I can honestly say that any problem that anyone has ever had in their lives or ever will have can be resolved by reading from the BOM and praying about it, its that simple! I just wish everyone knew that and didnt expect to see an angel every time they prayed! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep in touch!!

Elder Ryan Michael Robinson
Oregon Portland Mission 
1400 NW Compton Dr Ste 250
Beaverton, OR 97006
United States



I just had your son to dinner. He is doing great! This picture is actually from a few weeks ago,  but I couldn't find your email address so I asked him for it again tonight..  My son and his wife were in town and we were on our way to 5 guys for dinner.  I heard you got a phone call from Sister Gibb this week. She is my mom. ha ha! Have a happy day!

Sister Gibb
The care packages the Elders helped put together to give to the homeless

Balut is a developing DUCK EMBRYO that is boiled 
and eaten in the shelland is often sold as 
street food in the Philippines. Brother 
Salas made the Elders try this.

EXACT quote from Elder Robinson: "Theres three guns in Oregon who knew! haha jk thats a members in our wards gun its sweet!"

And another quote: "and I still got HOPS :)"
Some things NEVER change!!! Love him!

This is a family that Elder Davis and Elder Robinson were teaching.. The lady on the right is 92 years old! Elder Robinson and his new companion, Elder Carlson, are still teaching her and her family!!! 

Brother Gibbs

June 24, 2013..the first week as a TRAINER!

We had a pretty good week last week I don't know who was in worse shock tho me or elder carlson haha jk it wasnt to bad! The broadcast thing yesterday was really cool! we watched it at brother Ruby's house hes our ward mission leader hes a really cool guy so that was kind of fun we got to talk to him more about what we want to be doing in moving the work forward here because its pretty dead so far. We are teaching a few investigators and the guy we were teaching that really wants to get baptized is wanting to meet with us again so hopefully hes a lot more humble this time about it, were also going to treat it a lot more different then we did before I think so he doesnt freak out this time, but im not going to be the one to tell God at the judgement day that we just wanted a baptism real bad so we just let some stuff slide and thats why this guy didnt know what he was doing was wrong! Im glad i get to stay here in portland areaish ha we dont really have a lot of portland stakes in our mission anymore which was kinda weird to me but oh well probably why im not in charge :) We had to give a talk in sacrament meeting on Elder Cooks conference talk on personal peace, it was actually really fun to get to do! it was just me and Elder Carlson and a youth speaker who was supposed to talke 5-10 minutes but ended up taking maybe 2 we were pretty stressed out! it was cool tho we ended up going over 5 minutes!I got meg's package the other day it was sweet! lost of candy and stuff which was great:) can you get me Austin Guymons address or his email which ever will work :) thanks for everything you guys do i sure do miss ya a lot this week i love you guys! 

Pranking the New Greeny!

This is an email from Sister Gage! Her and her husband AJ have been taking care of Elder Robinson!! 

Haven't sent you some pictures for a while!! Thought I should write you and check in. :)

Transfers came and we were SO glad that Elder Robinson was staying!!  He was so nervous to be a trainer, but AJ gave him some good advice and we think he's going to do great.  The first thing he said when he found out he was getting a greeny, was - "So what prank are we going to do!?"  We got him pretty good, so we started thinking of the next one.  I'm sure Elder Robinson told you all about it, but pretty much our friend Kyle showed up as a 'drunk investigator'.  It was pretty hilarious.  We video taped the whole thing, but the video is pretty long.  Aj is going to shrink it so we can send it to you guys to see.  The best part in the prank is Kyle gives a sip of his 'beer' to one of my 'kids' (really my little brothers visiting) when I'm not looking.  The new Elder, Elder Carlson has the best look on his face.  And when I walk back into the room, he looks so troubled.  It was pretty funny.  

The Elders were also SO sweet, on Mother's Day they bought me flowers since they couldn't get their real mom flowers, and they wore their matching ties I got them for Easter.  Such sweet boys!  We will miss Elder Davis, but are so glad that Elder Robinson gets to stay.  Did you guys get to watch the Hastening the Work conference?  We watched it, and loved it.  AJ is the Elders Quorum President, and right after the conference we got a text from the Elders asking AJ what they could do to help bring inactive members back into activity.  Ryan is SUCH a hard worker, and we really appreciate that about him.  

Here are some pictures from mothers day and our prank!

Elder Robinson, Elder Davis (his trainer), and the Gage's

Elder Davis and Elder Robinson on Mother's Day 

Showing off the matching ties Sister Gage gave them for Easter

Kyle (the drunk investigator), Elder Carlson, & Elder Robinson

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's been forever since I have posted anything!! My bad! Elder Robinson is doing fantastic! :) Here's an email he sent me May 28th. He has been sending pictures to my mom so I will have to steal them from here to post! We are so proud of him!! I will try to update more and post more soon!! :) 

May 28, 2013
Hey sounds like you guys are having fun! I love that talk we have that ensign article and i read that talk at least once a week its ridiculously good :) I heard Parowan didnt do so hot in track that sucks way bad hopefully it gets better while bubba gets older! we went to the Nike employee store yesterday it was way cool probably spent to much tho o well it happens i got you and eric some Oregon shirts so you dont have to wear that nasty Texas stuff anymore ;) haha jk but the shirts were cool so i thought you guys should have some and since im in Oregon i figured itd be cool i guess ha i hope you guys are having fun! dont party to hard in Gusher! I love you guys alot who would ever thought id get home sick for Parowan? haha o well 22 months isnt to long and im loving being a missionary!! its amazing how cool this stuff is!

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

So most of the emails posted probably don't make a whole lot of sense because a lot of what Elder Robinson says is answering questions we ask him! But here ya go anyway! :) This kid is seriously one of the funniest people I know! We are so proud of him! He is doing so well and seems to be enjoying the work!!! 

So your old now cuz it was your birthday last week! I hope it was sweet :) haha I feel like weeks go by really fast here but not the months ha o well itl be fun :) Seans call was sweet! Elder Davis is really jealous haha he wanted to go foreign so bad. Finals suck tho! thats one thing i dont miss about college. Did bubba qualify for BYU? i guess he did if they are all going up tho? ha o yeah i forgot to tell you but seans mission pres. was at the MTC when i was there it was kinda funny pres. Roache or something like that. As much as it hurts so say this I hope Eric gets into the U that would be pretty cool! where else are you guys looking? Oregons full of  weirdos so idk if i would suggest it ;) jk the members here are actually way cool! No i havent gained any more weight yet we bike a lot and work out every morning and im on this stuff called Chia seed that makes you lose weight so im not chubby anymore:) I think im good on the underwear tho it rains so much here that they get cleaned every time we go out side pretty much thanks for the offer tho! (in my email to him I asked if he needed anything... food, new underwear, anything!? haha) We are teaching like 3 or 4 people there really funny and some of them are kinda crazy but they seem to be taking it pretty well! If they would just read the Book of Mormon they would pull there heads out and be baptized life would be a lot easier! ;) Good luck with Finals and what not hope everything is going well! miss and love you guys!
Elder Robinson:)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 22, 2013 (5..almost 6 weeks since he's left)

I'm still a little in shock that Bubba and the twins are actors! who knew right? haha it made me laugh really hard that they won too! thats awesome tell them to keep up the good work! You'll have to tell Meg happy birthday for me! We have a member who gives us Mtn. Dew everytime we go over there and it reminds me of when we would go to grandpa D's when i was younger and always bring them! We are teaching a few investigators but its mostly visiting less actives that takes up most of our days its still fun tho! Its really weird to think that grandma and grandpa guymon are like 15 minutes away! Bro. Gage offered to take me to Portland to see them saturday night it made me laugh! Im glad that school is almost over for you guys tho im sure you will be happy for summer! im just glad it hasnt rained here today:) thanks for all you do! its hard being away from home but its ok it will all work out in the end :) Love you all! 2 Nephi 33:10

 the guy I'm with is Ray Salas, hes from the Philippians. Hes my TITO! (uncle in Philippians)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Priesthood session one was ridiculous... in a good way though!

Hey! im really great! my week was really good got to find out my watch isnt water proof so that was really exciting:) Conference was freakin sweet huh! Elder Holland is still my favorite but Pres Uchtdorf gave some really good talks too, his priesthood session one was ridiculous  in a good way tho :) I was so pumped to hear about Cedar getting a temple! thats sweet I cant wait to go through it! where are they building it tho? I'm glad the Jazz won! I'm surrounded by freakin Trail Blazer fans its so depressing! its fun to hear when the Jazz beat them tho :) haha I'm glad school is almost over! i sorta miss it sometimes but then i get over it :) Thank you for emailing me! hopefully i have cool stories to share in the next few months! 
Love, Elder Robinson Alma 26:37

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello Robinson family, 
This is Sister Pape from Tigard Oregon, Home of your Missionary son! My son enters the MTC a week from today and is out getting in some practice with the Elders. They just stopped by and had some lunch. I snapped a quick photo so I could let you see that he is alive and well in Oregon. (please ignore the mess, they cought me in the middle of a project) This is the first time I have had a chance to visit with him and I can already tell we are going to really like him. His Trainer is pretty brave to take a greenie and a pre-greenie out tracting. ha ha I like to fix the boys food from home when they come for dinner so feel free to send me recipes of his favorites.  I wiould also love to know when his birthday is in case he is here for his birthday. We will take good care of him! Have a great day.

I forgot to attach the picture from my mom's email when I forwarded it to me! Oops! I'll post it next time! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week One in Oregon!

Oregon is freaking sweet! the weather here now is really beautiful and its been in the 70's all week! i agree with email its alot better and now i guess we can email anyone we want to not just family members! to answer your questions im not sure about my address its on my facebook account i think. Yes i got a bike the last elder in this district left his so im using that one its working really well but im going to have fullback legs when i get home me and Elder Davis figured out we biked 13 miles yesterday! President Morby is a really cool guy and his wife is really nice too! We have only met them twice so far but everyone says he favors athletes so hopefully im ok then! haha. My P-days are on monday but last week it was tuesday cuz all our schedules were different with the new missionaries showing up but from now on they are going to be on mondays. I got your easter package btw thank you!! it is really good and it was good to get something! The pictures mom got were from sister Gage, her husband AJ and her are really cool people! we are at there house a lot studying because AJ is really smart and we learn alot. They got Elder Davis and I easter baskets and with matching ties too! We spend alot of our time here visiting less actives but we also have a few investagators that we are working on so hopefully we get to dunk a few soon! I hope mom gets feeling better! and mary halterman too! Im glad you all survived Cindy and her kids tho sounds like an entertaining week! Sounds like Bubba played well tell him to keep up the good work! hes still running track tho right? I will send pics next week when i can take some of Oregon too! this week was kind of crazy! thanks for all you guys do and for letting me serve a mission!! love you all and miss you too!!
Love, Elder Robinson

We Love Your Son!!

We just love your son and are so thankful that he has come to our ward!!  We can already tell he is such a hard worker and just carries the spirit with him.  We are a younger couple in the ward without any kiddos yet, so we really like to 'adopt' the missionaries as our "children" and make them feel at home as best as we can.  We also like to prank the new greenie - which we tried, but your son was too smart and figured us out!  We'll have to let him tell you all about it! He was such a good sport about it, and he tells us he wants to get the next transfer Elder in a prank - so he'll probably help us with that! In our opinion, Robinson was sent to the best ward ever!  We are so excited to have him here!  We got them some Easter baskets - we couldn't let the Easter bunny skip out on them!! They spent the afternoon playing with this dollar store toy, it was very entertaining. :)  

One pic is of Robinson, and his comp Davis, and the other one is with our other 'adopted son' who is a YSA in our ward.  Your boy says hello and he loves you!  Happy Easter!

Polly & AJ Gage

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portland, comes Elder Robinson!

Week 2! Elder Robinson flew out Monday morning for Oregon! He emailed and said he made it safely. That's about all I've heard from him since his email last week. Hopefully next P-day he will send something! He is doing great and was very anxious to get to Oregon and start teaching!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1 week down...

Hey! sorry took so long to email back! its our P day finally! haha cant wait to actually get to Oregon! Mom probably told you but im a district leader here and im sick of dealing with immature elders! haha jk i love it and its actually really fun here! hope ya get this and give my address thing to Kyle plz!! thanks for the email! Love ya! tell me how intermurals went too if ya get a chance:) D&C 1:23!

Short and sweet and too the point!! :) Classic Ryan!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

See you in 2 Elder!

Elder Robinson opened his call on February 1, 2013. We all placed bets where we thought Ry would be going. Mostly everyone guessed state side! Aunt Cindy and I were talking on the phone literally 20 minutes before Ryan opened his call. Cindy was calling to switch her guess to somewhere on the west coast.. she said she was thinking Portland, Oregon. Little did we know!! 

[my dad's face is the best in this video!! He totally peeked!!]

Grandma Guymon was sooo excited because her and grandpa had just planned a trip to Oregon for the first of April. Mom was so excited that it wasn't somewhere foreign!

Ry's Farewell! 

[Uncle Dave, Ry, Mike (dad) :)]

[these 2 weirdies! they are both almost 16! flippin crazy]

[just sweeties! from L to R... Allie (Cindy & Dave's) Porter (Jamie  & Rustin's), Addilyn (Dan & Megan's), Olivia (Connie & Angelo's), Emi (Heidi & Jeremy's)]

[Ryan and Josh ( Josh that just got home from Portland, Oregon on his mission)]

[Best Friends Forever.. haha]

[Ozzy saying his goodbyes! They won't see each other for 4 years.. Austin  can put in his papers this summer]

[and this one cause we are all just so stinkin cute!]

Elder Robinson left for the MTC on March 13th, 2013. It was a great day! Many tears were shed... but happy tears of course!! :) 

We received a quick letter from Elder Robinson saying that he
leaves for Oregon on the 25th! 

We are so proud of Elder Robinson and his decision to serve a mission!! This church is true. I know without a shadow of doubt that it is true and that the Lord will watch over Elder Robinson and keep him safe and will lead him to bless so many peoples lives in Oregon! We love you Elder Robinson! 

Don't forget to write:

MTC Address (he leaves the MTC 3/25/13)
Elder Ryan M Robinson
MTC Mailbox # 60
OR-POR 0325
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793