Monday, June 24, 2013


I just had your son to dinner. He is doing great! This picture is actually from a few weeks ago,  but I couldn't find your email address so I asked him for it again tonight..  My son and his wife were in town and we were on our way to 5 guys for dinner.  I heard you got a phone call from Sister Gibb this week. She is my mom. ha ha! Have a happy day!

Sister Gibb
The care packages the Elders helped put together to give to the homeless

Balut is a developing DUCK EMBRYO that is boiled 
and eaten in the shelland is often sold as 
street food in the Philippines. Brother 
Salas made the Elders try this.

EXACT quote from Elder Robinson: "Theres three guns in Oregon who knew! haha jk thats a members in our wards gun its sweet!"

And another quote: "and I still got HOPS :)"
Some things NEVER change!!! Love him!

This is a family that Elder Davis and Elder Robinson were teaching.. The lady on the right is 92 years old! Elder Robinson and his new companion, Elder Carlson, are still teaching her and her family!!! 

Brother Gibbs

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