Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Love Your Son!!

We just love your son and are so thankful that he has come to our ward!!  We can already tell he is such a hard worker and just carries the spirit with him.  We are a younger couple in the ward without any kiddos yet, so we really like to 'adopt' the missionaries as our "children" and make them feel at home as best as we can.  We also like to prank the new greenie - which we tried, but your son was too smart and figured us out!  We'll have to let him tell you all about it! He was such a good sport about it, and he tells us he wants to get the next transfer Elder in a prank - so he'll probably help us with that! In our opinion, Robinson was sent to the best ward ever!  We are so excited to have him here!  We got them some Easter baskets - we couldn't let the Easter bunny skip out on them!! They spent the afternoon playing with this dollar store toy, it was very entertaining. :)  

One pic is of Robinson, and his comp Davis, and the other one is with our other 'adopted son' who is a YSA in our ward.  Your boy says hello and he loves you!  Happy Easter!

Polly & AJ Gage

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