Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

So most of the emails posted probably don't make a whole lot of sense because a lot of what Elder Robinson says is answering questions we ask him! But here ya go anyway! :) This kid is seriously one of the funniest people I know! We are so proud of him! He is doing so well and seems to be enjoying the work!!! 

So your old now cuz it was your birthday last week! I hope it was sweet :) haha I feel like weeks go by really fast here but not the months ha o well itl be fun :) Seans call was sweet! Elder Davis is really jealous haha he wanted to go foreign so bad. Finals suck tho! thats one thing i dont miss about college. Did bubba qualify for BYU? i guess he did if they are all going up tho? ha o yeah i forgot to tell you but seans mission pres. was at the MTC when i was there it was kinda funny pres. Roache or something like that. As much as it hurts so say this I hope Eric gets into the U that would be pretty cool! where else are you guys looking? Oregons full of  weirdos so idk if i would suggest it ;) jk the members here are actually way cool! No i havent gained any more weight yet we bike a lot and work out every morning and im on this stuff called Chia seed that makes you lose weight so im not chubby anymore:) I think im good on the underwear tho it rains so much here that they get cleaned every time we go out side pretty much thanks for the offer tho! (in my email to him I asked if he needed anything... food, new underwear, anything!? haha) We are teaching like 3 or 4 people there really funny and some of them are kinda crazy but they seem to be taking it pretty well! If they would just read the Book of Mormon they would pull there heads out and be baptized life would be a lot easier! ;) Good luck with Finals and what not hope everything is going well! miss and love you guys!
Elder Robinson:)

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