Friday, August 9, 2013

5th Fast Sunday in Tigard

Aug. 5, 2013
Time is going by way to fast! Yesterday was my 5th fast Sunday in Tigard! it blew my mind! Its really going great here tho we had an investigator come to church yesterday and he bore his testimony and said he cant wait to join the church! Elder Carlson and I just kept sayin what the heck? in a good way tho it was really awesome i hope it works out! Sounds like you guys are having fun tho! glad to hear Eric and Bubba get to do the fun job of carpet installation now! im sure they love it so much! or something like that anyway! haha sorry this is so short this week were trying to hurry so we can go play football in Hillsboro today! ha I need a football fix somewhere! Hope you guys have a great week! Read your scriptures!!!! :) i love and miss you guys! ps i got a broncos sticker the other day im going to send to Eric! haha O and i got a duck dynasty hat i bought last week too! :)
love, Elder Robinson!

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