Sunday, September 15, 2013

6 months down!!!!

6 months down...only 18 more months to go!!!! Elder Robinson is doing great!! He just got transferred from Tigard, OR to Sandy, OR. He called it the Mt. Hood YSA (young single adult) Sandy area. This is a new area that him and his new companion will be opening. He said it was a huge area with tons of farms so it felt just like home! The population of Sandy is approx. 9,000. The area they will be covering is so large and even goes outside of his mission boundries. Elder Robinson is so excited cause now he gets to drive a car! It used to be an area where the sister missionaries would do their splits, but now they get full time missionaries, Elder Robinson and Elder Allen. Elder Allen graduated high school in May, is from Pleasant Grove, UT, and just got to Oregon. Elder Robinson is loving the work and is doing fantastic!! Don't forget to write him!! His address is still the same... just scroll down and its one of the posts! :)

Here are some pictures of his new area! 

Mount Hood is a big ski resort in Oregon
Elder Robinson's new area

downtown Sandy, Oregon

Friday, August 9, 2013

Brother Rey Salas...TITO

Last week Ryan asked me to log into his facebook and add Rey Salas as a friend. So I did and I am so happy that I did! Brother Rey Salas is from the Philippines and is living in Tigard, Oregon where Ryan is. He has posted so many pictures and has so many great things to say about Elder Robinson and the missionaries, so I thought I would share! (all of the captions are from Brother Salas)

I spent time with my Filipino friend helping him with his laptop. It's been a long time that I haven't used my skills in playing some computers. We had lunch in a Filipino Restaurant and got some free Pancit. It was awesome using my FILIPINO with people who do understand the language. After spending time with my friend, I worked with the missionaries. We visited some families in the ward and shared some spiritual thoughts. This bike has been adding fun to our work every time I bring this. I hope I can tell you why! lol... had fun with this bike and truly fun working with the missionaries and touching some lives in spiritual way!

This is a comment he left under this picture:
This is Elder Robinson of Parowan, Southern Utah! This missionary has touched my life in so many ways when I was full of anger and hatred few months ago. He doesn't know that he touched my life in so many ways and flattered me when he calls me "TITO."

Had a great time in Portland earlier. I bought a box of Voodoo Doughnuts after work. Had shared these Voodoo Doughnuts with the missionaries! Magic is in the hole!

Checked in for lunch @John's (Pizza Buffet in Bevearton) after doing some service... 3rd August 2013!

I joined my missionary friends on their P-Day. My favorite part was, we went to a member's house whose basement is just like an Amusement Arcade with lots of games, treats, and church movies. I love the place so much...the most beautiful I've been in Oregon next to the Temple. I'm glad I hanged out with the missionaries. Had fun with great people in a beautiful place. Thanks to that family who let us in to their beautiful home. 

@Cook Park for Stake Barbecue! It was fun talking to some people I met last month in an activity, watching the members having fun, and just chilling with great burgers under the sun with the missionaries in my ward and new pinoy friend! 

It's their P-Day and my off from work... Great Monday with great people!

@John (Pizza Buffet in Bevearton) for lunch after watering the plants and gardening... 3rd August 2013.

The American Missionary, the French International Student, and the Filipino Immigrant. Guillaume paid me a visit tonight to say his goodbyes and missionaries came by to read 3Nephi 11 with him. We'll miss you Guillaume! Find the missionaries in France!

Taken an hour ago in my apartment. With Elder Robinson. A great missionary! Glad the missionaries like the Filipino Foods I always prepare for them. 

5th Fast Sunday in Tigard

Aug. 5, 2013
Time is going by way to fast! Yesterday was my 5th fast Sunday in Tigard! it blew my mind! Its really going great here tho we had an investigator come to church yesterday and he bore his testimony and said he cant wait to join the church! Elder Carlson and I just kept sayin what the heck? in a good way tho it was really awesome i hope it works out! Sounds like you guys are having fun tho! glad to hear Eric and Bubba get to do the fun job of carpet installation now! im sure they love it so much! or something like that anyway! haha sorry this is so short this week were trying to hurry so we can go play football in Hillsboro today! ha I need a football fix somewhere! Hope you guys have a great week! Read your scriptures!!!! :) i love and miss you guys! ps i got a broncos sticker the other day im going to send to Eric! haha O and i got a duck dynasty hat i bought last week too! :)
love, Elder Robinson!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost 5 months!!!!

Hey! the weeks are going by ridiculously fast i cant believe its almost August again! I was talking with Elder Carlson the other day and he was like Elder when your done training me youll be 1/4 of the way done! it really kinda blew my mind! I realize i still have a long time to go but i dont want it to go by this fast! Before I always used to wonder if what i was doing was the thing that i needed to be doing in my life, and i dont think ive ever thought that here its really crazy but i dont think i have ever felt this much joy and sorrow in the same day as i have felt here everyday its really an amazing thing :) It looks like you guys had fun tending tho! did they come to Cedar or did you stay down in St. G? i think when i get back im just going to go down to grandmas for a week ha i have some sweet tan lines from the collar of my shirt i need to get rid of! If you guys do have kids tho while im gone Ryan better be somewhere in the naming of him! ha if its a girl im gonna have to ask ya to not to include that haha jk sorta thats what AJ Gage told me to tell you guys when we were talking about my family last week so i thought it was funny. Ill be sure to keep sending you pics i dont know if i have any good ones this week but ya never know the political ones are still my favorite :) Thanks for telling girls to write me its fun to rub it in Elder Carlson's face ;) haha O and I got a little Broncos sticker at the dollar tree last week ill send to you guys for Eric! Cant say i never did nothin for you guys ;) Im not sure how you can get people to go to the temple trips for the ward, we just usually go knock on peoples doors when they dont come to stuff they are supposed to its actually really fun to be in those awkward situations:) Sis. Gage did speak a few weeks ago on going to the temple tho it was a great talk ill try to get a copy and send it to ya too! love and miss you guys! keep up the good work :)
Elder Robinson

From L to R: Josh Curtis, Elder Robinson, Elder Carlson
Josh is one of Ryan's friends from Parowan that served in the Portland, OR mission. Josh and his family just went to Portland to visit his mission and got to meet up with Elder Robinson and Elder Carlson for lunch!

7-11 day in our district we got 7-11 glasses shirts and trucker shirts :)

It's that simple!

This is a little part of an email he sent that I loved! Elder Robinson is doing GREAT!!!

so far i think that asking people to be baptized is the funnest thing ive ever done! its always fun to see how they react and what ways we can resolve their concerns i think im enjoying this way to much sometimes because Its so fun to be able to talk to people and notice the change that applying something in the gospel can do for them in their lives! I can honestly say that any problem that anyone has ever had in their lives or ever will have can be resolved by reading from the BOM and praying about it, its that simple! I just wish everyone knew that and didnt expect to see an angel every time they prayed! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep in touch!!

Elder Ryan Michael Robinson
Oregon Portland Mission 
1400 NW Compton Dr Ste 250
Beaverton, OR 97006
United States



I just had your son to dinner. He is doing great! This picture is actually from a few weeks ago,  but I couldn't find your email address so I asked him for it again tonight..  My son and his wife were in town and we were on our way to 5 guys for dinner.  I heard you got a phone call from Sister Gibb this week. She is my mom. ha ha! Have a happy day!

Sister Gibb
The care packages the Elders helped put together to give to the homeless

Balut is a developing DUCK EMBRYO that is boiled 
and eaten in the shelland is often sold as 
street food in the Philippines. Brother 
Salas made the Elders try this.

EXACT quote from Elder Robinson: "Theres three guns in Oregon who knew! haha jk thats a members in our wards gun its sweet!"

And another quote: "and I still got HOPS :)"
Some things NEVER change!!! Love him!

This is a family that Elder Davis and Elder Robinson were teaching.. The lady on the right is 92 years old! Elder Robinson and his new companion, Elder Carlson, are still teaching her and her family!!! 

Brother Gibbs