Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week One in Oregon!

Oregon is freaking sweet! the weather here now is really beautiful and its been in the 70's all week! i agree with email its alot better and now i guess we can email anyone we want to not just family members! to answer your questions im not sure about my address its on my facebook account i think. Yes i got a bike the last elder in this district left his so im using that one its working really well but im going to have fullback legs when i get home me and Elder Davis figured out we biked 13 miles yesterday! President Morby is a really cool guy and his wife is really nice too! We have only met them twice so far but everyone says he favors athletes so hopefully im ok then! haha. My P-days are on monday but last week it was tuesday cuz all our schedules were different with the new missionaries showing up but from now on they are going to be on mondays. I got your easter package btw thank you!! it is really good and it was good to get something! The pictures mom got were from sister Gage, her husband AJ and her are really cool people! we are at there house a lot studying because AJ is really smart and we learn alot. They got Elder Davis and I easter baskets and with matching ties too! We spend alot of our time here visiting less actives but we also have a few investagators that we are working on so hopefully we get to dunk a few soon! I hope mom gets feeling better! and mary halterman too! Im glad you all survived Cindy and her kids tho sounds like an entertaining week! Sounds like Bubba played well tell him to keep up the good work! hes still running track tho right? I will send pics next week when i can take some of Oregon too! this week was kind of crazy! thanks for all you guys do and for letting me serve a mission!! love you all and miss you too!!
Love, Elder Robinson

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