Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013..the first week as a TRAINER!

We had a pretty good week last week I don't know who was in worse shock tho me or elder carlson haha jk it wasnt to bad! The broadcast thing yesterday was really cool! we watched it at brother Ruby's house hes our ward mission leader hes a really cool guy so that was kind of fun we got to talk to him more about what we want to be doing in moving the work forward here because its pretty dead so far. We are teaching a few investigators and the guy we were teaching that really wants to get baptized is wanting to meet with us again so hopefully hes a lot more humble this time about it, were also going to treat it a lot more different then we did before I think so he doesnt freak out this time, but im not going to be the one to tell God at the judgement day that we just wanted a baptism real bad so we just let some stuff slide and thats why this guy didnt know what he was doing was wrong! Im glad i get to stay here in portland areaish ha we dont really have a lot of portland stakes in our mission anymore which was kinda weird to me but oh well probably why im not in charge :) We had to give a talk in sacrament meeting on Elder Cooks conference talk on personal peace, it was actually really fun to get to do! it was just me and Elder Carlson and a youth speaker who was supposed to talke 5-10 minutes but ended up taking maybe 2 we were pretty stressed out! it was cool tho we ended up going over 5 minutes!I got meg's package the other day it was sweet! lost of candy and stuff which was great:) can you get me Austin Guymons address or his email which ever will work :) thanks for everything you guys do i sure do miss ya a lot this week i love you guys! 

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