Monday, April 8, 2013

Priesthood session one was ridiculous... in a good way though!

Hey! im really great! my week was really good got to find out my watch isnt water proof so that was really exciting:) Conference was freakin sweet huh! Elder Holland is still my favorite but Pres Uchtdorf gave some really good talks too, his priesthood session one was ridiculous  in a good way tho :) I was so pumped to hear about Cedar getting a temple! thats sweet I cant wait to go through it! where are they building it tho? I'm glad the Jazz won! I'm surrounded by freakin Trail Blazer fans its so depressing! its fun to hear when the Jazz beat them tho :) haha I'm glad school is almost over! i sorta miss it sometimes but then i get over it :) Thank you for emailing me! hopefully i have cool stories to share in the next few months! 
Love, Elder Robinson Alma 26:37

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