Saturday, March 16, 2013

See you in 2 Elder!

Elder Robinson opened his call on February 1, 2013. We all placed bets where we thought Ry would be going. Mostly everyone guessed state side! Aunt Cindy and I were talking on the phone literally 20 minutes before Ryan opened his call. Cindy was calling to switch her guess to somewhere on the west coast.. she said she was thinking Portland, Oregon. Little did we know!! 

[my dad's face is the best in this video!! He totally peeked!!]

Grandma Guymon was sooo excited because her and grandpa had just planned a trip to Oregon for the first of April. Mom was so excited that it wasn't somewhere foreign!

Ry's Farewell! 

[Uncle Dave, Ry, Mike (dad) :)]

[these 2 weirdies! they are both almost 16! flippin crazy]

[just sweeties! from L to R... Allie (Cindy & Dave's) Porter (Jamie  & Rustin's), Addilyn (Dan & Megan's), Olivia (Connie & Angelo's), Emi (Heidi & Jeremy's)]

[Ryan and Josh ( Josh that just got home from Portland, Oregon on his mission)]

[Best Friends Forever.. haha]

[Ozzy saying his goodbyes! They won't see each other for 4 years.. Austin  can put in his papers this summer]

[and this one cause we are all just so stinkin cute!]

Elder Robinson left for the MTC on March 13th, 2013. It was a great day! Many tears were shed... but happy tears of course!! :) 

We received a quick letter from Elder Robinson saying that he
leaves for Oregon on the 25th! 

We are so proud of Elder Robinson and his decision to serve a mission!! This church is true. I know without a shadow of doubt that it is true and that the Lord will watch over Elder Robinson and keep him safe and will lead him to bless so many peoples lives in Oregon! We love you Elder Robinson! 

Don't forget to write:

MTC Address (he leaves the MTC 3/25/13)
Elder Ryan M Robinson
MTC Mailbox # 60
OR-POR 0325
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793


  1. Megan - love this blog. Keep up the good work and I will check back often.Cindy

  2. Thanks Cin! I think you're the only one who looks at! So i'll just keep you updated! :)