Monday, June 24, 2013

Pranking the New Greeny!

This is an email from Sister Gage! Her and her husband AJ have been taking care of Elder Robinson!! 

Haven't sent you some pictures for a while!! Thought I should write you and check in. :)

Transfers came and we were SO glad that Elder Robinson was staying!!  He was so nervous to be a trainer, but AJ gave him some good advice and we think he's going to do great.  The first thing he said when he found out he was getting a greeny, was - "So what prank are we going to do!?"  We got him pretty good, so we started thinking of the next one.  I'm sure Elder Robinson told you all about it, but pretty much our friend Kyle showed up as a 'drunk investigator'.  It was pretty hilarious.  We video taped the whole thing, but the video is pretty long.  Aj is going to shrink it so we can send it to you guys to see.  The best part in the prank is Kyle gives a sip of his 'beer' to one of my 'kids' (really my little brothers visiting) when I'm not looking.  The new Elder, Elder Carlson has the best look on his face.  And when I walk back into the room, he looks so troubled.  It was pretty funny.  

The Elders were also SO sweet, on Mother's Day they bought me flowers since they couldn't get their real mom flowers, and they wore their matching ties I got them for Easter.  Such sweet boys!  We will miss Elder Davis, but are so glad that Elder Robinson gets to stay.  Did you guys get to watch the Hastening the Work conference?  We watched it, and loved it.  AJ is the Elders Quorum President, and right after the conference we got a text from the Elders asking AJ what they could do to help bring inactive members back into activity.  Ryan is SUCH a hard worker, and we really appreciate that about him.  

Here are some pictures from mothers day and our prank!

Elder Robinson, Elder Davis (his trainer), and the Gage's

Elder Davis and Elder Robinson on Mother's Day 

Showing off the matching ties Sister Gage gave them for Easter

Kyle (the drunk investigator), Elder Carlson, & Elder Robinson

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