Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost 5 months!!!!

Hey! the weeks are going by ridiculously fast i cant believe its almost August again! I was talking with Elder Carlson the other day and he was like Elder when your done training me youll be 1/4 of the way done! it really kinda blew my mind! I realize i still have a long time to go but i dont want it to go by this fast! Before I always used to wonder if what i was doing was the thing that i needed to be doing in my life, and i dont think ive ever thought that here its really crazy but i dont think i have ever felt this much joy and sorrow in the same day as i have felt here everyday its really an amazing thing :) It looks like you guys had fun tending tho! did they come to Cedar or did you stay down in St. G? i think when i get back im just going to go down to grandmas for a week ha i have some sweet tan lines from the collar of my shirt i need to get rid of! If you guys do have kids tho while im gone Ryan better be somewhere in the naming of him! ha if its a girl im gonna have to ask ya to not to include that haha jk sorta thats what AJ Gage told me to tell you guys when we were talking about my family last week so i thought it was funny. Ill be sure to keep sending you pics i dont know if i have any good ones this week but ya never know the political ones are still my favorite :) Thanks for telling girls to write me its fun to rub it in Elder Carlson's face ;) haha O and I got a little Broncos sticker at the dollar tree last week ill send to you guys for Eric! Cant say i never did nothin for you guys ;) Im not sure how you can get people to go to the temple trips for the ward, we just usually go knock on peoples doors when they dont come to stuff they are supposed to its actually really fun to be in those awkward situations:) Sis. Gage did speak a few weeks ago on going to the temple tho it was a great talk ill try to get a copy and send it to ya too! love and miss you guys! keep up the good work :)
Elder Robinson

From L to R: Josh Curtis, Elder Robinson, Elder Carlson
Josh is one of Ryan's friends from Parowan that served in the Portland, OR mission. Josh and his family just went to Portland to visit his mission and got to meet up with Elder Robinson and Elder Carlson for lunch!

7-11 day in our district we got 7-11 glasses shirts and trucker shirts :)

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